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        Limitless degredation and fun
        Gender Man
        Relationship Don't ask
        Location Canada
        Info & Stats
        Sexuality: Straight
        Favorite Porn: All
        Joined: Mar 4th, 2012
        Last Seen: May 6th 2021
        Uploads: 380
        Upload Views: 853,258
        Profile Views: 18,093
        Favorited: 10,934
        Friend Count: 116
        Subscribers: 72
        Board Posts: 0
        Board Points: 1
        Please enjoy the uploads and chat if you feel like it!

        A favorite: http://www.xnxx.com/video-ipd0tc1/girls_deepthroat_gagging_vomit_puke_puking_vomiting

        mass_d's achievements 2

        1 year
        5 years


        Girls Gone Gross

        271 Uploads · 11 Forum Posts · 572 Members · 137,759 Visitors
        Girls caught doing some of the nastiest things when no one is looking.
        These are things that not even guys would do.

        Humiliated Whores

        1,203 Uploads · 63 Forum Posts · 1,616 Members · 1,202,967 Visitors
        Women who likes to be treated like pieces of shit. Not only are they being used and abused, they think that's what, they deserve.

        ScatologicDaddy And More Friends

        4,530 Uploads · 64 Forum Posts · 1,926 Members · 713,708 Visitors
        Scatologic Daddy and her pain and scat slave likes piss and scat people, teenss and dirty stuff.
        Welcome in our group.
        Don't hesitate to tell your stories (real or fantasies) and add your pics and vids (No solo male scat pls) :)

        Shit eater girls only

        2,632 Uploads · 62 Forum Posts · 2,503 Members · 2,451,104 Visitors
        This group is for scat girls that love (or want) to eat and swallow their own shit or other's poops.

        Toilet Slaves

        17,439 Uploads · 36 Forum Posts · 1,496 Members · 872,097 Visitors
        Girls being shit on by their masters, or being forced to eat shit.

        Women Eating Men's Shit!

        222 Uploads · 54 Forum Posts · 1,365 Members · 1,469,879 Visitors
        No solo scat, No lesbian/gay scat. ONLY the female shit slave bowing down under her male master's ass!

        If you post off topic content, I will remove you from the group!

        mass_d's Comments

        13 Oct 2019 mass_d commented
        @fire37bee Is that really her? haha
        17 May 2019 mass_d commented
        i hope thats piss ;)
        05 Apr 2019 mass_d commented
        There's a Thisvid of the girl getting puked on swallowing like 1/2 a liter of puke.... Fucking amazing
        28 Jan 2019 mass_d commented
        @BigCock123 I've seen so many of her scattered throughout motherless... Cant seem to find an album though.. Very annoying haha.
        31 Dec 2017 mass_d commented
        Does anyone have a link to the full gallery?
        13 Jul 2017 mass_d commented
        @jh31415 gosh i wish i could find it! What does she get beaten with? It looks harsh


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