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        Submissive, not stupid
        Gender Woman
        Relationship It's a secret
        Location Motherless dungeon
        Info & Stats
        Sexuality: It's Complicated
        Favorite Porn: BDSM
        Joined: Jan 26th, 2010
        Last Seen: Sep 9th 2015
        Uploads: 5,000
        Upload Views: 2,283,540
        Profile Views: 50,793
        Favorited: 7,578
        Friend Count: 905
        Subscribers: 730
        Board Posts: 0
        Board Points: 0
        Exploring this place. Seems to be a place where I don't need to hide my "darker" side.

        Divorced, submissive (but not a door-mat or stupid, I submit to those who show they are worthy of the gift).

        I am Collared...I'm very happy about this. For the curious, yes, he's black and I am white.

        And no, the avatar is not me.

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        5 years
        10 years


        A Cock in the Ass - Fuck the Slut Hard

        26,369 Uploads · 77 Forum Posts · 4,963 Members · 2,822,364 Visitors
        Just Women sluts getting hard COCKS, COCKS, COCKS in their dirty assholes...Whether they like it or not.
        Do not upload whole series, were everything is not anal. Do not dump several hundreds of uploads at a time. NO GIFS.

        asphyx wixvorlage

        4,685 Uploads · 34 Forum Posts · 1,575 Members · 1,592,129 Visitors
        bilder, filme und geschichten zum geil abwichsen, allein oder gemeinsam

        Breath Play Group

        8,372 Uploads · 45 Forum Posts · 2,773 Members · 3,394,000 Visitors
        Girls getting choked, strangled and asphyxiated! This is for those who can appreciate a good choking. Gaspers are preferably women. No underage pornography! NO SPAMMING!

        cuckold captions

        23,556 Uploads · 6 Forum Posts · 918 Members · 547,541 Visitors
        this group is dedicated at the couple and cuck hubby or cheating and hot wife.
        Please post about cuckolding caption AND NOT INCEST CAPTIONS.
        thanks at all.enjoy

        Daddy's Little-Fuck Toy

        3,037 Uploads · 66 Forum Posts · 1,221 Members · 282,480 Visitors
        Daddy and Daughter Incest


        2,511 Uploads · 22 Forum Posts · 851 Members · 287,082 Visitors
        A safe place for PetGirls of all sorts ― be it puppies, kittens, ponies, piglets, bunnies, hucows, etc. and/or hybrids thereof ― and those who cherish training and playing with them.

        Please keep uploads and posts on-topic, otherwise they will be removed.

        Furthermore, keep the tone free of misogynist and disrespectful comments, especially towards petgirl group members ― there are plenty of other groups for that sort of thing.

        Violation of group rules will lead to removal and blocking.

        Steel Bondage Lover

        84 Uploads · 3 Forum Posts · 178 Members · 21,497 Visitors
        For those who love the art of Steel Bondage


        509 Uploads · 8 Forum Posts · 114 Members · 182,240 Visitors
        Vore and anything related.

        Please, no "real" snuff.

        blinddroop's Comments

        08 Dec 2011 blinddroop commented
        I've always thought so... :D
        15 Jul 2011 blinddroop commented
        ...but happy!
        06 Jul 2011 blinddroop commented
        Oh...I love this. Wish I was there. (le sigh)
        17 Jan 2011 blinddroop commented
        If I could find someone to man-handle me like that I would be VERY happy. (le sigh)
        28 Dec 2010 blinddroop commented
        Le sigh...
        24 Dec 2010 blinddroop commented
        Where can I find this man? (le sigh)


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