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        Motherless Girl
        Gender Woman
        Relationship Don't ask
        Location The land of Kink
        Info & Stats
        Sexuality: Nothing Is Taboo
        Favorite Porn: Spanking
        Joined: Aug 17th, 2019
        Last Seen: 1d ago
        Uploads: 652
        Upload Views: 5,024,808
        Profile Views: 221,357
        Favorited: 49,454
        Friend Count: 2,077
        Subscribers: 1,357
        Board Posts: 220
        Board Points: 391
        I can be sweet girl, a sassy smartass who finds humor in almost everything and refuses to take life too seriously. The best way to get my attention is to make me laugh, and the best way to keep it is to laugh with me. I am a shameless girl who loves puns, bad jokes and plays on words. I have no time for drama or emotional games, or anyone who tries to drag me into them. I'm honest - often to a fault, and have no patience for lies or deceit. I have plenty of faults, but try to make sure that my better qualities outnumber them on most days. I cuss too much and sleep too little. I'm friendly and love meeting new people, so feel free to message me and introduce yourself.

        Please if you are into scat/poop, please do not try to friend me. It nauseates me when it comes across my feed. If you are into that, enjoy it, but if it comes across my feed I will unfriend the person it is coming from.

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        ToxicCandy's Comments

        1 Day Ago ToxicCandy commented
        @grenade350 of course not, the girls too.....just more guys are into girls butts than girls....no I have to change the title
        1 Day Ago ToxicCandy commented
        @Shakehertitties I try to keep mine sloppy for you ????
        1 Day Ago ToxicCandy commented
        @Shakehertitties BB....brushing and bating :)
        1 Day Ago ToxicCandy commented
        @bcockwhore her ass is perfection!!!
        1 Day Ago ToxicCandy commented
        @SluttyEmma38 think you could cum from a finger fuck?
        1 Day Ago ToxicCandy commented
        looks like ya had a good time baby


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