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        Premium Member
        Gender Woman
        Relationship Single and not looking
        Location Germany
        Info & Stats
        Sexuality: Straight
        Favorite Porn: Double Penetration
        Joined: May 22nd, 2015
        Last Seen: 5h ago
        Uploads: 29,762
        Upload Views: 6,796,021
        Profile Views: 232,375
        Favorited: 130,481
        Friend Count: 80
        Subscribers: 883
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        hello there , if you got any questions just feel free to ask , i am a girl from germany in her 20′s who loves to be free and wild , do it with whoever and how many i want , i love dp and threesomes , dogging , gloryholes and got some nylon pantyhose and stocking fetish aswell as a one piece swimmsuit fetish :)

        NikkiMirai's Comments

        14 Oct 2020 NikkiMirai commented
        06 Mar 2020 NikkiMirai commented
        @x_man_ger abgelehnt
        02 Mar 2020 NikkiMirai commented
        well , mess with the mommy , get the schlongy
        02 Mar 2020 NikkiMirai commented
        what the duck ? or more like i was a duck ?
        29 Feb 2020 NikkiMirai commented
        @Lust butt maybe he said 1969 or even....nineteen sixtynine ? D:
        28 Jan 2020 NikkiMirai commented
        @RoughFuck40 nope , get that bdsm crap outta here


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