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        19/f, half asian, lets chat
        Gender Woman
        Relationship Don't ask
        Location Motherless dungeon
        Info & Stats
        Sexuality: Straight
        Favorite Porn: Rough
        Joined: Apr 14th, 2020
        Last Seen: 44s ago
        Uploads: 51
        Upload Views: 26,044
        Profile Views: 9,785
        Favorited: 629
        Friend Count: 191
        Subscribers: 54
        Board Posts: 0
        Board Points: 0
        update 14.03.21 (for actual introduction & q&a scroll down)
        oh look. i did that thing everyone does.

        if i had a choice i would say: 100% brat, 100% prey, 90% degreadee, 80%submissive

        == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
        100% Degradee
        93% Submissive
        80% Exhibitionist
        80% Rope bunny
        75% Voyeur
        66% Primal (Prey)
        66% Experimentalist
        66% Brat
        65% Non-monogamist
        61% Masochist
        13% Degrader
        11% Vanilla
        9% Sadist
        7% Switch
        4% Rigger
        4% Slave
        4% Primal (Hunter)
        3% Dominant
        2% Daddy/Mommy
        0% Pet
        0% Owner
        0% Master/Mistress
        0% Boy/Girl
        0% Brat tamer
        0% Ageplayer

        hey. hey you. welcome to my page. i'm lilly. what is your name?

        i'm a 19 year old, half-asian girl living in germany. and before you ask, yes i have a boyfriend. and no i'm not going to leave him for you. rly sry, bro. ;(

        but why am i here then?
        i had a few pretty wild years with random guys and i also have some bad fantasies and sexual preferences. bad in a way that they were not good for my mental health. if you want to know what i mean, just ask me. i tried to leave these things behind and since almost a year i'm doing that pretty well. yay me.
        but unfortunately you just dont get rid of fantasies and sometimes i even miss the things i experienced. and i feel like being on a website that feels kind of dirty.. dark.. and maybe even dangerous could be some kind of replacement for me?!

        does it work?
        dunno. i hope. it kinda does i guess.

        does my boyfriend know?
        nope. and i also have secrets he doesnt know about. but dont get me wrong, i'm happy with him and i'm not going to cheat on him.

        so what am i searching?
        thats a great question. besides of looking at pron i like to talk and chat (even though i have sometimes the chat open without looking at it.. sorry if i dont answer. i will try to do better.

        hope thats good for now (and i wont have to rewrite this shit again). please let me know if you want to know anything. i might add a FAQ if some topics are brought up more often in the future. ;P



        Asian Teens

        27,301 Uploads · 25 Forum Posts · 2,450 Members · 1,040,190 Visitors
        Asian Teens


        30,249 Uploads · 800 Forum Posts · 5,640 Members · 2,242,310 Visitors
        For all lovers of the most intimate form of sex, the Blowjob. For those who love to give as well as receive, and of course, all those who love to watch this most sublime of sexual acts. Please limit posts to images and v...
        For all lovers of the most intimate form of sex, the Blowjob. For those who love to give as well as receive, and of course, all those who love to watch this most sublime of sexual acts. Please limit posts to images and videos that pertain to blowjobs.

        Update 04/23/20: I've been granted permission to Lead this great group. The only change is gifs are now fine. Photos, stories and videos are to be of Male and female participants please, which is how I believe dee intended it (I'll check her postings to see if I am wrong (it was to be Male/female after checking)). If she ever comes back, I'll give the group back to her. I've left the intro as-is, since she worded it perfectly. Most photos and vids that were off-topic have been removed. And please do not post hundreds at a time. I might ban/delete them if even a few are OT, and who has the time to go through them all? Anyway...


        P.S.: No stupid fakes....

        deutschsprachige Teens

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        Teens aus deutschland, ?sterreich und der schweiz - und bitte nur solche!!!

        Face fucking

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        A group for people who love to face fuck sexy women or be face fucked!
        Women sitting on mens' or other womens' faces included :)


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        The Hentai Group. tentacles, schoolgirls and all things cartoonish and fucking sexy.

        This is the place to come if You have ever fantasized about sailor moon. Hardcore, softcore.. and because its motherless even Alternative is allowed.

        ML Gamers

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        A place for gamers on ML to congregate, exchange info and arrange games. Keep it civilized, and remember to play on.

        Super Heroines - Super Heros - Monsters

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        A Group for Live Action Super Heroine Vids. I felt there wasn't a group out there doing it properly. So I figured I would give it a shot.

        LaLilly's Comments

        2 Days Ago LaLilly commented
        so uhm, like.. i usually dont have incest fantasies. but this was kinda hot xD
        5 Days Ago LaLilly commented
        fuck that was hot..
        6 Days Ago LaLilly commented
        @Gentleman_Ghost yeah i tried to upload it but it didnt let me :(
        25 Mar 2021 LaLilly commented
        @Arschfister danke :>
        21 Mar 2021 LaLilly commented
        because of the comments i start to wonder if that was maybe not a appropiate christmas outfit... :X
        20 Mar 2021 LaLilly commented
        @youngslave18 yeah true.. i especially imagined how it felt like.. being totally blind, fucked by strangers and then feeling that hand touching and he growls something into the ear.. fuck xD

        i saw the second one too! rly hot too but i think i like this one a little bit better. but thx for both uploads!


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