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        into incest, trans, & cumplay
        Gender Man
        Relationship Single and looking
        Location US, IL
        Info & Stats
        Sexuality: Bi
        Favorite Porn: Incest
        Joined: Jan 31st, 2019
        Last Seen: Sep 6th 2020
        Uploads: 1,974
        Upload Views: 677,587
        Profile Views: 15,214
        Favorited: 20,657
        Friend Count: 127
        Subscribers: 114
        Board Posts: 0
        Board Points: 0
        Bi Dad, looking for female or trans daughter to love. Into incest, trans, & cumplay, cosplay or anything geeky, and pretty much anything else except for toilet stuff and abuse.

        Jiating's achievements 1

        1 year


        family inbreeding

        24,318 Uploads · 367 Forum Posts · 4,954 Members · 2,721,332 Visitors
        For families that breed togahter,fuck and play togather

        Feeling the family way

        12,512 Uploads · 22 Forum Posts · 2,765 Members · 1,492,770 Visitors
        Incest between family members taking care of each others needs.....No matter what they are!
        Please share your pics and videos of incest at its best.Join us in the group become a member and start sharing.

        Nipple Ring love

        33 Uploads · 0 Forum Posts · 8 Members · 1,948 Visitors
        For lovers of women with rings NOT posts in their nipples.

        Pretty Awesome Facials

        515 Uploads · 0 Forum Posts · 79 Members · 45,204 Visitors
        Facials on pretty faces

        Self Facial

        922 Uploads · 1 Forum Posts · 577 Members · 143,615 Visitors
        girls or shemales cumming on their own faces.

        She's working it

        118 Uploads · 1 Forum Posts · 27 Members · 7,278 Visitors
        She's putting in the work to get that lovely cum. She's getting a work out!

        Jiating's Comments

        03 Sep 2020 Jiating commented
        @hornybrother3 Extra protien! :)
        28 Jul 2020 Jiating commented
        @Chloe_Michelle glad you are an enthusiastic learner.
        28 Jul 2020 Jiating commented
        @Chloe_Michelle That's my girl. Remember, move into the cum!
        28 Jul 2020 Jiating commented
        @Chloe_Michelle That's my girl. Remember, move into the cum!
        22 Jul 2020 Jiating commented
        @deej thanks man! She's fantastic!
        18 Jul 2020 Jiating commented
        She's so beautiful. I wish I could find one where she gives herself a facial! That would be amazing!


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