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        How do I have a file removed from motherless?

        If the file is legal for the owner/persons depicted to publish themselves, then it is almost always strictly a copyright issue, you MUST refer to the DMCA Page & provide all of the details specified by the law, the ONLY exceptions to this are:

        If the file contains UNIQUE personally identifiable info beyond just a first name &/or nickname, it MAY be in breach of our terms of use and can be reported as such, there are many variables involved that you are likely unaware of, as such each case must be decided upon its own merit.

        If the file depicts actual illegal activity &/or underage persons, you may help expedite removal by contacting our Takedown/DMCA Department, you MUST provide the link to the file in question, in these cases you only need provide us a proper explanation of what is wrong with the file, you are not required to provide your real world address details unless the illegality is not obvious.


        In the case of videos where the illegal activity is only featured in a portion of the clip, you MUST provide us the time stamp for when/where in the clip the illegal content is shown.

        For takedown contact details, click HERE.