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        The buck stops here.



        When not in the motherless dungeon doing unspeakable things to not-so-innocent victims, Stray can be found wandering the site keeping an eye on things, contrary to popular rumor, he absolutely does not spend his time creepin on lesbians.


        Tech Nerd

        headz started programming 22 years ago using an old Atari PC. A former U.S. Marine, he has worked for large blogging systems, and several advertising networks. When he's not writing code for motherless, he's thinking about writing motherless code. He's currently living in Staten Island, New York. Everything is always his fault, and he sleeps as little as possible.


        Tech Nerd

        Coding since the age of 12, political activist in Greece for almost as long, he spent some time terrorizing England with his penis, until lured home again by his mothers souvlaki! SaNoML is a long time member of motherless that we found in the Sex Addicts Anonymous group, philosophizing code warrior by day, he's paler than a Twilight vampire, only venturing out after dark to smooth talk the ladies of Athens.



        The farce is strong with this one, did you know July 28th is SysAdmin day? No, neither did we!? When we supply him with a steady diet of burgers and beer, he can achieve and maintain an almost human-like state, we even managed to coax him into having sex with a real girl, twice! Though he maintains his Faptronic3000 is a more efficient and robust solution.


        Lead Admin

        An uncontrolled, unforeseen thought or event created within the paradox of reality in order to instill an understanding of the pattern of chaos. A truly fucked up fuck that is motherless to the core!

        The Tech We use the following technology to make this site hum: